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If your looking for a robust CRM thats SPECIFICALLY designed for medicare agents, you've come to the right place. Scroll down to see just a few of the many features.

Advanced Rx lookup

When adding an individuals drugs, MedicarePRO knows exactly what your looking for by only entering in a few letters. Don't bother asking the drug name to be spelled out or reading small print on an Rx bottle. When you talk to that client next year you already know what drugs they are taking and you can add or eliminate them as needed. Use the DLID section to store their Drug List Id and date-password for easy reference at

Calendar Integration

If your on the phone with a prospect or client and you set an appointment, its easy to add the appointment details in the notes section then just select which calendar you use and the event will be added for you. Easy documentation that integrated with the things you use most.

Disclosure Language

In business, and especially with Medicare, staying compliant and documenting client interaction is extremely important. We make it easy to document important disclosures and statements that keep you compliant. Select what disclosure you would like to store for this particular client or prospect based on your interaction. The statement then gets timestamped and stored forever. We got your back!

Plan Documents

From the Documents page you can search for the plan documents you want to view. Filter by company name, plan name, or year. View documents for yourself or email them to a client or prospect. MedicarePRO makes sure you always have everything you need, in one centralized location, to operate your business with extreme efficiency.

Client Document Storage

Make sure you have yourself a digital backup of all the important documents associated with your clients and prospects. Docs like scope of appointment forms and application can easily be uploaded to each client page. Viewing them for reference is easy just by clicking on the file. This is the best way to keep everything organized and compliant.

Certification Tracker

Once July comes around, MedicarePRO will load up your Certifications section on your dashboard with all the companies you have active plans with. Keep track of the companies you have rectified with and the ones you haven't. Its a nice way to stay on of it.

Set alerts

Medicare is time sensitive and with so much competition you have to make sure you on top of your game when it comes to follow up and enrollment windows. The alerts function is the ideal way to make sure you never miss an important event. Create a note and set the date you want to be alerted. When that day comes around you will get a text message with all the pertinent note details so you can act fast on what it is you need to do.

Client Plans

When you make a sale, or want to document a prospects current plan, easily add the plan information right on their page. MedicarePRO uses the clients state and county to return you plan options that are only relevant to that criteria. This ensures that your actually selecting the correct plan with the correct medicare plan number. Then when that plan is being pulled from market or benefits are being depreciated, you can do a search for that plan and get all your results.

Client Providers

Just like keeping track of client's prescriptions is important for plan placement, so is keeping track of their providers. Store the physicians your client see by adding their name, selecting their specialty, and level of importance. When you speak to or see them next year you already know who they see and can change or add providers as needed. Makes you look like a real MedicarePRO!



Starting a new marketing strategy? Track its success and how many clients it is yielding.

Provider List

Keep track of your client’s and prospect’s active providers. Sort by their importance and easily search their availability.

Cloud Based

You business information is in the cloud so you can bring it with you wherever you go.


MedicarePRO | CRM uses SSL encryption to ensure the data you input stays safe at all times.

Alerting & Flagging

Want to be notified about a particular opportunity? Set an alert that will notify you in the future or flag an individual to keep track of them.

Label Printing

Want to reach out to all your clients or prospects? Easily print mailing labels with a click of a button.

Elegant Data Entry

Inputing data into MedicarePRO | CRM is intuitive and predictive. Never duplicate your work and let the data speak for itself.

My Book

A beautiful layout of your book of business organized by policy type and company name. Always know who has what.

Blitz Mode

Assemble a list of client or prospects you want to reach out to. Filter it by anything you want then star your blitz. This mode makes it easy to go from one person to the next with a click of a button.

Client Reporting

After gathering important information on the person you are working with, easily print a beautiful report that you can give to you prospect or client including a drug list card they can cut out and keep with them.

Biz Tracking

Never lose track of what’s in your pending pipeline. Easily view all pending business and get an idea of your potential revenue.

Healthcare Plans

You’ve already gathered the county of the person your working with, with a click of a button view all available plans in that service area. See all available benefits and what they will cost.

Rx Intelligence

Don’t bother hauling around formularies or searching multiple websites for each drug cost. Simply type in the name of the drug and MedicarePRO | CRM will tell you the cost for each of your top plans.

Certification Management

MedicarePRO | CRM automatically populates the companies you need to certify with for the new year based on your current active policy list. Easily add new companies and edit existing ones.

Renewal Tracking

Our smart technology uses your policy information to show your current renewal amount as well as a projection of future renewals streams.

Point of Sale

A CRM is useless if it doesn’t assist your sales. Our technology gives you everything you need to know to close the deal. Never miss a beat.

Deep Analytics

Informative Dashboard

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