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MedicarePRO | CRM launched in Fall 2015 and got its feet wet in its first AEP. The program was developed over many years with a simple goal in mind. The aim was the create the most efficient and time saving agent tool in the marketplace. With so many details and elements to the Medicare world we sought to simplify how agents handled that information with robust technology driving its success.


MedicarePRO | CRM was designed and developed by Launch Technology, LLC. We specializes in cloud based CRM's and financial tools for agents and advisors throughout the insurance and financial planning spectrum. Our main interest is to revolutionize the way professionals use technology to enhance their business experience, providing complex tools in a simple and elegant way so that anyone can succeed by using them.


In our quest to provide the most relevant technology possible we actively consult professionals in the fields we are designing for. Gleaning from their first hand industry experience we incorporate their needs for solutions and insight that only someone of their experience can provide. Developing for real needs creates solutions with real results.


2345 S. Alma School Rd #102

MedicarePRO | CRM® is designed, developed, and operated by Launch Technology, LLC based in Mesa, Arizona.
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